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If you are a friend of Jesus and believe in Him...Welcome.  If you have a banner you would like to add to this page, email our Web Master who will review for content and will add if your site is appropriate .  We have the right to say no to sites that promote pornography, hate, racial, sexual, or religious persecution or intolerance. They  will not be listed here.



The Ellen G. White Estates

James White Library

Ellen G. White's Writings on CD-ROM

Patriarchs and Prophets (CD Set)

Desire Of Ages (CD Set)

The Great Controversy (CD Set)

The Prophecies of  Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith

Seventh-day Adventist Bible Prophecy Books

Adventist Churches Online

International Children Care
International Children's Care
  Helping children as though they were you
FAX  360-573-0491 
Postal address 
        2711 NE 134th St.,
Vancouver, WA 98686 

Marantha Volunteers International

marantha Media

Adventist Relief Agency

Birth Place Of SDA Church
Birthplace Of The Seventh Day Adventist Church And Home Of The Sabbath Trail

GReat Controversy


Seventh Day Organization - Keep The Sabbath


Early SDA     Great Controversy

Prophecy Made Easy


Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace... Job 22:21


It Is Written

Voice Of Prophecy

Discover Bible guides

Amazing Facts

Bible Universe

Adventist Pioneer Library

SDA Church In Canada

Lifestyle Magazine

Health Reformer

SDA Dietetic Association

Hartland Publications
Hartland Publications - Christian Books For All

Remnant Publications

Present Truth Magazine

Adventist World Radia - Listen Here
Adventist World Radio - Listen Here!

3 ABN Broadcasting
3 ABN Broadcasting

Adventist Communication Network
Adventist Communication Network


Rose Of Sharon Award

Tibbo's Christian Website Award of Excellance

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